Celebrated my Birthday at Kazu Sumi Yaki

Yakitori for my Birthday Dinner... again

Today's the day, I am officially old, according to my insurance company who just switch me to the next age category and upped my premiums.

For the third time in a row, I ended up having my birthday at my yakitori place.

Me and the makankakis went for yakitori at Kazu Sumi Yaki Restaurant located at Cuppage Plaza.

MakanKaki No.1 is suppose to do the review for the restaurant. (BIG HINT)

Kazu became one of my favorite yakitori place after my first yakitori place, Ahodori closed. It was Ahodori which introduced me to the world of ch
icken spare parts yakitori and raw chicken sashimi liver.

For a yakitori place, Kazu prices are pretty reasonable, a skewer cost from $1.50-$5 depending on what you ordered. Ahodori use to charge me $7-15 for a skewer of meat.

We ordered a few of my favorite chicken parts like liver, gizzard, skin, although my favorite Hatsu (heart) and a few other stuff wasn't on the menu. Its Monday apparently they don't stock up on the popular stuff. The vegetable sticks were pretty decent, we had the red shishito, japanese okra (tiny little fingers), japanese shiitake (in season), eggplant and few other stuff.

Kaki No.3 and me were tempted at the Mastutake mushrooms which cost $22 per mushroom, but decided that even on my special day, we really refuse to pay for such a ripoff item.

One of the pet grips about the place, is the chef tends to forget my special request, use shio (salt) or tare (sweet sauce) sparingly. Kazu tends to over salt the yakitori and the tare isn't as fantastic as Ahodori. The sauce tends to overpower the meat and vegetable sticks and you can't taste your food after it has been overdipped by a thick sugary saltish sauce.

The dessert was pretty good, we ordered most of the stuff on the menu, including the homemade icecream.

The total bill came to $300+ for 4 person. We ordered a few expensive ripoff stuff like the bluefin tuna belly ($15 per tiny slice), its was not fresh, badly cut with bad vein-y portion.

The average I usually spend at Kazu is around $30 to $40(with drinks).

Kawa Chicken Skin Yakitori

Japanese Okra Lady'sfinger

Caramel Ice Cream

Fried Custard Fritter

Tiny incident:
The overexcited MakanKaki No.1 was told off by the Matire-D for taking photos of the menu. There is an unwritten law that there is no photography of menus in most establishments for whatever obvious reason.

To the Kakis: Thanks for dinner y'all!
Always great to have good company

Snow Drop Mochi Icecream