When is Roasted Pig Skin not Pork?

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Its funny how people's (mammal eaters) perception of food is kinda logically twisted.

This happened to me, not once, but three times.

Given that I don't eat Mammals, that includes pig, one might actually realise that and stop offering me meat.

First time someone offered me Roasted Pork Skin was in Bali. Pork is huge in Bali. Its one of the rare places in Indonesia where eating the pig is allowed, so it was rather popular. The famous Balinese dish, Babi Guning (Roasted Piglet) was served everywhere. My nice Indonesian friend who treated us all to lunch ordered a Babi Guning for us to experience Balinese Cuisine. Of course i politely declined and mentioned I don't eat mammals.

She insisted and cajoled , 'I know you don't take Pork, but at least eat the skin, its well roasted and delicious'. Once again I declined, and still she continued,

'You should really eat the skin, it's not meat, taste a little.'

Second time, was the family who went to a pretty popular Cantonese Restaurant and along with the other traditional Roasted Cantonese meats promptly ordered Roasted Crispy Skin Pork (Siew York). The family insisted that I should try the pork. Once again they had forgotten that I didn't eat meat despite me reminding them constantly that I haven't been eating mammals for few years.

'Try the skin its very cripsy, don't take meat, just eat the skin'

Recently, I had a business function at a old Teochew Restaurant, Guan Hin which served rather good traditional Teochew dishes. The host had specially organised a roasted piglet for each table.

I politely declined citing I don't take red meat. The host decided that even thought I don't take mammals, I could still eat the skin. He proceeded to promptly slap a big fat portion of the pork slice and the extra skin on my plate.

'Come come, I know you don't take meat, just take the meat off and eat the skin, its not meat'

The logic of Mammal eaters, I don't get it.

No doubt "this skin is not meat issue" is gonna continue.

Here's a photo of the famous Babi Guning.

Link source: http://www.99bali.com

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