Still on my travels - hiatus

It's Special!
Photo: Old Delhi, India

Yes its going to be almost 2 years, I am still on my travels, not been updating anything on this blog.
So far the travels brought me to Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, California, Florida, Vietnam, Indonesia, Uzbekistan, UK, Bangladesh, now currently stuck in India for coming to 1 year.

Is it life-changing for me? I guess in a way, I have become less of a food addict, still love my food and developed this taste for great street foods from Calcutta to Uzbekistan. You don't get much choices up in the Himalayas and the variety of food here gets a little monotonous.

So yes I have stopped visiting nice expensive restaurants in the developed countries. Finding that taking photos of those pretty dishes and posting it on the web has become a little meaningless for me.

Been putting some photos on my travel site, so yes you can still view some beautiful travel images

off hiatus

It's been a long time since I have updated this blog, have taken 1 year off for a world travelling experience, decided to extend it to another year!

so apologises to all my folks, I am travelling the world and being such a terrible glutton