Gerson Therapy : Alternative Cancer Program

Cancer is a nasty word,

2 in 3 of the few people I know either have cancer or has a family member who has cancer or has a close family member who died from it. One of my very own family member has it. A very personal friend has died from it, another close friend is suffering from it.

Now I don't have that many friends, 2 out of 3 people i know is a LOT to handle!


People are dying from this growing number one killer. Can it be the food we eat, the environment, the pollution? What's going on here? Why are we getting cancer?

My country, Singapore is barely even coping with this dis-ease, our cancer centres are getting over-burdened by the increasing population suffering from it. The only legally recognised treatment is by bombing our bodies with radiation, pumping our bodies with radio-active material (Chemo-therapy) and cutting the bad bits out through surgery. How is that gonna help when the cure is even much dangerous than the dis-ease?

The family was looking for alternative therapy for one of my close family member who was diagnosed with it few months back. Somehow we were guided to Gerson Therapy, GT. It is not an easy program that requires a strict diet of organic produce, juicing throughout the day and eating only specific vegetables and no meats. I might share a little bit more on my experiences with GT in my future post.

I must stress that there are lotsa alternative treatments out there, so keep an open mind and find one that suits you.

The nice folks from the Gerson institute has finally uploaded their introductory DVD call the Gerson Miracle on You-Tube.

It's a little draggy, and has a very annoying and distracting background music, and often a very long-winded and somewhat irritatingly horrible narration, bad editing and direction with some boring parts. Its an one hour half long movie, and with the slow connection on You-tube, it might be a little longer. So pardon the whole boring bits, get through it and you be rewarded.

It does give a little information about what the therapy is all about and how people are cured from it. Just another alternative treatment without poisoning our bodies with radio-active chemicals or surgery in order to cure ourselves.

You can buy the latest book by Charlotte Gerson (daughter of the founded, Max Gerson), "Healing, the Gerson Way, defeating cancer and other illness",it's released just this year.

Here's the Movie, Gerson Miracle on You-Tube :

Chapter 1 Gerson Miracle
Chapter 2 The Discovery
Chapter 3 The Gerson Institute
Chapter 4 Poisoning Ourselves
Chapter 5 Detox, the Clinic, Patients
Chapter 6 Debbie and Stephanie, Patients
Chapter 7 Medication, and Organic Farming
Chapter 8 About our depleted food
Chapter 9 Lead and Poison
Chapter 10 Various Cancer and Diseases
Chapter 11 What Matters

If you wanna download the entire movie and watch it off-line, you can access it here

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