My Friend, Annie

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Today, I received an email informing that my good friend Annie had passed away in morning. It's quite a shock for me and with deepest regret that I have not been in touch with her since I moved to Singapore four odd years ago.

She made a huge difference in my life and took me into her home and treated me as family wholeheartedly. She supported me while I was discovering myself and allowed me to be self-centered without putting any demands or expectations through-out that rather difficult time in my life. It was because of her, I gradually awaken to who I was and assisted me in my own awareness.

Annie has been one of the very rare people who loves what she does, inspiring others, supporting others, making huge impact in people's lives for the better, creating a huge difference in mine and other people's lives. She helped created a huge space for us to grow and discover ourselves. When you hear her talk on stage, you can really feel her presence, her intention, her loving kindness. She is truly a very inspirational person that transforms you deeply.

Thank you Annie, for being in my life, for being a huge impact in my life, it has been my blessing to know you. With Greatest Love and Gratitude, you are in my heart!

To Marc and Will, you are in my deepest thoughts

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