Sunday Brunch at Whitebait and Kale

Once a year, we get to call a day in the calendar , Our Day.
It's an obligatory celebration of the day that we shoot right out of our mother's uterus.

And yes, October 1st is mine.
I own it, along with 100 billion other people in China.

The family decided that they should celebrate my birthday on Sunday and I got to pick where I wanna go.

We went to Whitebait and Kale at Camden Medical for sunday brunch. They had a month-long organic promotion . Since I am into organic stuff these days , thought we might try it out.

I ordered the pita bread and various spread for starters ; for mains, organic chicken breast with quinoa and pomegrante sauce . The rest of the family had their free-range egg and 'organic pork sausage & beans, typical breakfast fare, along with 2 tiny pieces of muffin.

After 1 month of low salt diet, the meal at Whitebait and Kale tasted extremely saltish, and I had to drown myself with water and soda.

The brunch was pricey, average per pax was $30-40 per person.
I ordered a cappucino that cost $9.45 with taxes.
It came along with a tiny biscotti and a fancy wooden board cupholder.

Probably won't go back again

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