Why I decided on my No-mammal diet?

Wadda you mean
No Mammals!

And Yes, its a kooky diet!

If you decide to ask why,
My answer changes
every time

It began as a health reason, I was a huge meat lover, when the faddish Atkins diets came out, I was overjoyed, thanked Dr Atkins for putting a whole stamp on this diet. Hated my veggies and deeply loved my Beef and Roo. Obsessed about anything gamey and bloody.

Being on a pure meat diet, biologically, my body was emitting so much heat or yang qi, a good friend who was a TCM student (traditional chinese medicine) actually felt hot just sitting next to me. He had mentioned I had an overly yang energy field and that brought on a lot of side effects.
I had difficulties adjusting to the warm tropical climate and often stick myself to air-conditioned places whenever I could. I was perspiring profusely and felt heavy all the time.

Then I was introduced into Theosophy and Spiritualism. I had a few spiritual awakenings while doing a lot of inner works. Through these awakenings, I came to realise it made sense not to eat Mammals, animals with higher conscious than the rest of the animal kingdom. Being on meat diet made me depressive, hot tempered, easy agitated, I had always been a rather high-strung person and being on the meat diet partly attributed that. Eliminating them from my body helped for more clearer and cleaner spiritual experience.

The old adage of you are what you eat, is definitely true. Meat lovers tend to be rather animistic in their thinking and behavior. They have rather rough and crude energy compared to those with lighter diets such as pure vegetarianism.

So what about animal cruelty then? Well, that thought didn't really go through my mind. Logically, since animals are farmed and intentionally bred as food, they are conditioned as food, therefore it was not cruel.

Before you start ranting on me on animal cruelty, I do believe these animals are intelligent beings with consciousness and by eating them, I am assimilating their energies/consciousness. If I am to seriously work on my spiritual evolution, I should eliminate these energies in my physical body, allowing a more separate and cleaner body to work on.

So there you go, why I decided on my No Mammal diet?

For now, its Spiritual evolution.

I might change my answer when it gets tired.

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